Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC) – Managed Medical Assistance Program

In 2011, the Florida Legislature created a new program called Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC).

There are two different parts that make up the SMMC program:

  • The Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) Program
  • The Long-term Care (LTC) Program

Medicaid recipients who qualify and become enrolled in MMA will receive all health care services (other than long-term care) from a managed care plan. Medicaid recipients who qualify and become enrolled in LTC will receive long-term care services from a Long-term Care managed care plan.

What does the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care program do?

Medicaid members receive their health care services through a managed care plan. MMA plans cover services such as prescriptions, doctors’ visits and hospital stays.

All MMA plans offer the following health care services:

  • Physician services, including physician assistant services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Hospital inpatient services
  • Hospital outpatient services
  • Mental health services
  • Early periodic screening diagnosis and treatment services for recipients under age 21
  • Emergency services
  • Ambulatory surgical treatment center services
  • Advanced registered nurse practitioner services
  • Optical services and supplies
  • Dental services
  • Medical supplies, equipment, prosthesis, and orthoses
  • Chiropractic services
  • Nursing care
  • Family planning services and supplies (some exception)
  • Podiatric services
  • Healthy Start services (some exception)
  • Physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapy services
  • Hearing services
  • Laboratory and imaging services
  • Home health agency services
  • Renal dialysis services
  • Hospice services
  • Respiratory equipment and supplies
  • Optometrist services
  • Rural health clinic services
  • Birthing center services
  • Substance abuse treatment services
  • Transportation to access covered services

The State sends Medicaid recipients a letter notifying them as to whether or not they are required to enroll in the SMMC MMA program.

Note: The SMMC program will not change your Medicare benefits.

On this website you will find information about your health care options and the MMA plan choices available to you, which include: